The initial consultation

No therapy treatment begins until an initial consultation has taken place. This is a vital first step in the process in understanding your needs and developing a therapeutic strategy. It will take between 30 and 45 minutes.

To get started you will complete a short form and pay a small fee of £14. We will arrange either a time to meet in person (recommended) or a call.

We start the initial consultation by first identifying one problem that you are having in your life. You may have multiple problems but we will start by looking at the one that occupies most of your thoughts. We will identify the part of your life that is most affected by this problem.

We will talk about how you have handled this problem so far in your life and any experiences you may have had with complementary therapy.

We finish the consultation by discussing some initial therapy recommendations and then arrange a time for your first therapy session.

Getting down to business

We do not begin the first therapy session immediately after the initial consultation. This is because identifying and discussing our problems can be tiring. To get the most out of each session we need to be at our best. We also need time to reflect on our experiences and the outcome of the previous session.

The structure of the first therapy session will depend upon the type of therapy we have decided to begin with. We may even combine multiple therapies within a single session.

Following the first full session, we will have a short post-therapy evaluation. We will review how you found the therapy and how you are feeling towards the problem that you decided to focus on. We will arrange a second session, if necessary.

Time to review and reflect

In between the first and second sessions, I will reflect on your responses to the previous therapy and determine whether we should continue with the current therapy or try another one.

It is important not to think of these therapy sessions as isolated events. The therapy sessions will help to get you started in dealing with your problem but you’ll also find your progress more effective if you reflect yourself on the things we covered during the session.

During this reflection period, I will encourage you to contact me to share any experiences you have between the sessions. This feedback will help guide future therapy sessions.

Next session and repeat

As before, in-between the sessions I will reflect on your responses to the previous therapy and determine whether we should continue with the current therapy or try another one.

We will repeat this process of gathering feedback and making adjustments for as many therapy sessions as you require – until you feel happy that you either have overcome your problem or have the necessary tools to handle your problem in the future.

Simple and transparent

How much does this cost?

The initial consultation is £14 (forty minutes). Thereafter, therapy sessions are £45 (one hour).

Indian Head Massage and Reiki are available as standalone twenty-minute (£20) or sixty-minute (£60) sessions. These can be arranged independent of the therapy sessions or can take place following a therapy session.