Creating an impression to promote a business using the medium of video is the future. Matt Bowman, Owner of Thrive Internet Marketing, a web design and SEO company wrote in that video is the future.

I know it can be really difficult to go in front of a video camera and be recorded, so I’m hoping that by coming along to a day I’m organising you will be able to do a recording without too much pain.

My Workshops are like no other workshop you will have been to, nor maybe ever encounter. Even if you don’t want to promote yourself and your business the day will help you gain confidence in yourself. You will see the beginnings of the real you emerge. The authentic you.

This day I’ve got planned is to be at the Griffin Studio in Edinburgh, EH6 5BY on 15th September where we will use our mobile phone to record short videos, which will help to gain the confidence to do-it-yourself videos.

Using Mindfulness methods, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Relaxation techniques and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or,tapping) are just some of the ways that we will be using during the day to release any fears which may be holding you back.

Lunch is provided with vegetarian sandwiches, hummus, nibbles. Coffee, Teas, biscuits and vegetarian cake. I love cake.

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