I am an avid sorcerer of information.  I love to know the facts and the science behind how things work. When I first read about Mindfulness-Based Inner RePatterning™ (1) I was hesitant. I was unsure. I didn’t see the practicality of the method. It seemed easy.  Far too easy. 

As I understand life, to gain any success in anything we do we must work. And work hard. Work that requires sweat and tears. Think of a gym workout. Jeez, just thinking about going to the gym is traumatic for me. And heaven forbid,  should we even consider a square of chocolate when on a diet!

It’s all too much work! So, we don’t complete what we’re trying to achieve. After the initial excitement, we can usually find many excuses.

But, this Mindfulness-Based Inner RePatterning™ seems easy and effective. How can this be?

Mindfulness-Based Inner RePatterning™ allows you to look at your thoughts and emotions, without judgement or criticism,  and then, allowing you to release them, thus removing any physical, mental or emotional effects they may have upon us.

To be Mindful is to concentrate on the Now. In some ways, to be at one with yourself.   Finding yourself in tune with what is happening to you, around you, within you and yet not being a part of the scene.

To know when to become Mindful is an art. All Arts can be learned. All it takes is practice.

Being Mindful is an exercise which can leave you in a state of euphoria.  A sense of achievement,  a kind disposition,  a level of understanding and a tool that can be used anywhere and anytime.

Mindfulness-Based Inner RePatterning™ can give you all of these.

Mindfulness-Based Inner RePatterning™ was developed by Tania A. Prince. Tania is one of only 29 founding EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping) Masters. Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, wanted only the best to be practising and teaching his creation.

Tania went through rigorous practical and theoretical tests. Only those who passed could call themselves Masters of EFT(2)

Mindfulness-Based Inner RePatterning™ uses only one tapping point.   A point on the collar bone that stimulates the thymus gland location.  This is unlike EFT which incorporates several tapping points.

With Mindfulness-Based Inner RePatterning™, we gently tap using our fingertips on the thymus point. This generates electricity (piezoelectricity) which naturally stimulates the vagus nerve.(3)

In addition to tapping on the thymus area, Mindfulness-Based Inner RePatterning ™ adds abdominal breathing with a focus on the peripheral vision. This brings the parasympathetic nervous system into play allowing the body to tune into repair and regeneration mode.

This beautiful method is based on Eckhart Tolle’s teachings in his brilliant book,  “The Power of Now: a guide to spiritual enlightenment” (4).

Eckhart Tolle suggests that: “To make the journey into The Power of Now you need to leave your analytical mind and its false created self, the ego, behind. Access to the Now is everywhere – in the body, the silence, and space all around you.”

How many times have you felt hurt, upset, angry and misunderstood until they cause you emotional,  mental and physical pain?

Bruce Lipton(5)  has for over two decades studied how the cells of living creatures hold our memories, beliefs, aspirations, our loves, our losses, our hopes and desires!

These memories lay dormant in the cells until the moment they are required. These cells with the information they hold can be ignited immediately when the mind/body believes it is in danger from a predator and brought to the surface of the body ready to spring into action should the need arise to protect and safeguard the living body.

Everything you have thought about, felt, carried out or digested, the body knows. All your loves,  excitement, wants, dreams, hopes, all your successes and, your disappointments, your hurts and your loves lost.

We do what we do, the choices we make, are to some degree based on what was evolutionarily advantageous to our ancestors.

Our survival instincts responses in many threatening or dangerous situations are run, fight or freeze.

  • Stepping in front of a moving vehicle.
  • Walking into a field with a dog where cows are grazing.
  • Going too close to a cliff edge.
  • Approaching a snarling, growling dog

These are real dangers and can seriously maim or kill you.

Our senses are heightened when danger is imminent.  In a succession of undying and instinctive processes, a fixed pattern of behaviour comes into force and immediately, various systems of the body are deployed to safeguard us.(6)

However, there are also other “dangers” which lurk in the shadows of our modern world.

  • Walking into a room at a party.
  • Wanting to say how you really feel to the boss.
  • Answering the door or telephone.  
  • Leaving the house.
  • Entering an elevator.

And the list goes on.

The response team of the body do what they are designed to do.  They implement the necessary functions to protect the body.

The mind does not know that walking in front of a car,  or walking into a room full of people are two completely different threats. To the mind, they are both dangers and at all costs, the body must be protected.

Understanding that it’s this that’s keeping you stuck in your old behaviour,  habits,  beliefs or patterns and is simply that your brain is hardwired to prevent you going astray and damaging the perfect and intricate machine we call the human body!

Practising Mindfulness-Based Inner RePatterning™ can help fix the problem by rewiring the brain,  and allowing you to break free from any lifelong and unproductive habits.

Mindfulness-Based Inner  Repatterning™ does not require analysis of the problem. There is no need to understand, talk about or dive deeply into the problem. All that is required is an intention and an awareness of the problem.There is no judgement, no criticism or expression of anxiety.    

The only way to experience the benefits of Mindfulness-Based Inner Repatterning™  is to try it.


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