Get Creative To Solve Your Problems

Intuitive Writing & Vision Board Workshop

A ninety-minute experience using your creative talent to help you understand and resolve an issue or problem.

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What’s involved


Set Intention

To resolve the problem, is knowing about it. To accepting this problem. To acknowledging this problem. Knowing that this problem needs to be sorted.

Experience and Allow

In your mind, in your imagination, Seeing that problem. Imagining that problem. Feeling the sensations of that problem.

Creative Writing

Using the power of the pen by writing. Just writing anything that comes into your head and keep going and allowing what comes up.

Pictures and Glue

Enjoying the sensation of cutting or ripping out images from a magazine and placing them anywhere on a piece of card or paper.

Allow Meditation

Recorded to download for your own use.

We’ll hold the workshop at Hotel Indigo, 51-59 York Place, EH1 3JD. 

Four x 90-minute online workshops – £60
One x 90-minute online workshop – £25

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