W hen I’m stuck for words, as in creative writing,  I will take pen and paper and just write anything! This is a trick I read in a book, the Internet or maybe someone told me, I don’t remember.

I just know that without any degree of work from me and if I allow my pen to write if  I give over any thinking to my pen, the words I am needing become script on the paper.

I’m not sure if it is me, my inner all knowing being or maybe an entity of sort, which is within my physical self or possibly hovering within my aura,  my electromagnetic human body. But answers to my questions are becoming words, that I see on paper in front of me!

I don’t know how this happens. I don’t need to know.  I do know that whenever I began to allow,  an answer usually arrives.

Let’s see how I do this.

I’m at a workshop. I’m there to learn how to get the best from my business.  I was listening to the speaker.  I was also in a bit of a daydream.

At one point whilst I was daydreaming the audience was asked to write down a response to a question the speaker asked. Ouch, I have no idea what I’m supposed to write. I should have been paying attention. Everyone else in the room started writing furiously. But my pen hovers over the blank sheet of my notebook.

Help! OK,  just write. Anything. At the least, I can look as if I know what I’m doing.

So I start to write:

“OK, here I am,  I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.  What the heck was the question again.  Jeez,  how can I answer the question when I don’t even know the question. Why am I even here,  when I don’t even bother to listen.”

And I keep on writing,  and writing,  and writing this sort of head garbage.  Until magic starts to happen.

“I know by being here today I have realised what I don’t want from my business.  I don’t want to be thinking of it all the time. I want to meet people.  I want to be a part of a community.”

And the words,  the sentences, the dialogue continue.  No effort from me. I just write.

That’s creativity at its best. Tapping into that part of us that is always listening1. Constantly awake.  And a part of us that usually knows the answers.

Ros Barber (right) and me

On a workshop I attended in Yorkshire earlier this year, I came across a lovely lady named Ros Barber2  who wrote a book about the speculation that Shakespeare was actually a man named Christopher Marlow.

This workshop, hosted by Ros, was in connection with creative writing and how to access a part of us that would allow the writing process to become a natural and instinctive process.

Ros explained that to help her write this book she believed she accessed some knowledge through creative speed writing and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping).

Many ideas can come from the subconscious, the ever-knowing mind.

We listen to the advice from others. We believe our elders.  Our peers. Our politicians.  Our religious ministers.

But do we listen to our intuition? Do we believe our own thoughts? I know that there are times when I walk into a room I really feel uncomfortable.   Colours, clothing or textures also affect how I feel. I have a dress I feel great in. I love the shape,  the colours, the length. I was all geared up to go out last week,  I put on the dress and suddenly I felt awful!  I don’t know why. So, I wore something else.

Answering the questions again, with a pen and a piece of paper. Oh, maybe a good idea to make that a note pad. Who knows how much you may write.

Take a breath. Relax. ALLOW.

This time can you answer “Yes” to these questions, and along with your answer what do you experience.

This could be a feeling, a thought, an image or maybe a “eureka “ moment when you feel such a clarity on your answer.  Write it all down.  And have fun. 🤗

  • Do you achieve all tasks or goals you have created for yourself?
  • Do you feel full of enthusiasm as you wake up in the morning, ready for the day ahead?
  • Do you often smile?

(1) http://www.creativitypost.com/create/writing_at_the_speed_of_the_unconscious

(2)  http://rosbarber.com/

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