Life is a teacher

For over 30 years I’ve been on a conscious path of self-discovery. I have learned through direction from others, from structured learning, and of course from failures and disappointments. But, I’m still here, better for all I have gone through. I want to share what I’ve learned.

I’m a mother, a grandmother and a facilitator of My life. I love my life, but this had not always been. Oh, I’ve loved everything I’ve done, it’s ups and downs, I adore my children, my family and those hearts I’ve touched.

But I was always sure there was more. As a student nurse at 17 years old I was at the bedside of a patient who was dying. As the patient passed away I felt such a powerful and all-encompassing sensation. It was beautiful feeling and has stayed with me my entire life. At 17 though I didn’t have a clue what it was, nor really cared. Life was for parties, fun and boys. I now know and many have seen, that the feeling that I experienced was the spiritual body leaving the physical body.

Years of training

Never stop learning

I haven’t been to India or spent time with Native Americans, nor fasted for days (or weeks) to attain enlightenment.

What I have done though is complete one and two-year part-time courses, progressed through online courses, sat through workshops and local night classes. All at the same time as raising my three wonderful children.

I’m a qualified nurse (SEN), Yoga Teacher (British School of Yoga), Beauty therapist (ITEC), Aerobics Instructor (RCA, Exercise to Music), Reiki practitioner (Usui), Hypnotherapist inc. Past Life Regression (MCCH), life coach (CMCCH), Indian Head Massage practitioner (CMA) and Laughter Yoga Leader (LYU). I also have a decade of experience with Emotional Freedom Technique and Mindfulness-Based Inner RePatterning (AAMET).


applying knowledge

My nursing and life skills work with helping me overcome illness, unworthiness, rejection, the transition of a loved one and everything else my life throws at me.

I’ve use Reiki for many years to help heal my family, friends and anyone that needs its healing energy. My dogs have also benefited from a Reiki healing session every now and then. I constantly use self-hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique for a range of physical, emotional and spiritual reasons.

But, having said all that, I do love a cuddle and a kind word from another, just to help me realise, I am human.

Having the confidence

turning problems into challenges

Through my varied life experiences, I’ve discovered that the path to improving our lives is better approached dynamically and from different angles rather than trying to force a particular path without considering how we are constantly changing.

With liberi therapies I’m helping others overcome problems in their lives. But it’s also an opportunity for my emotional and spiritual growth. I’m always exploring new and exciting ways to handle problems.

And there are always problems to deal with in life. But when you have the confidence to know that there is always a solution, the problem becomes a challenge. A challenge that you can ultimately gain more life experience from.