there is beauty in change

Relax and improve your confidence with a dynamic approach to complementary therapy.

Many of our problems or difficulties in life come down to not having enough confidence in ourselves. Confidence to go for that job. Confidence to start your own business. Confidence to move out of your comfort zone. Confidence to overcome the fear of failure.

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Complementary therapy

So many choices available

Complementary therapies are not just complementary to conventional medicine but they can also complement each other. One therapy might be good at scratching the surface of your problem but another might be better suited at digging a little deeper.

There are so many different complementary therapies out there. You might choose one because you like the idea of it or someone has recommended it to you. But some therapies are better suited to particular problems, and to particular personalities.

Just like a watercolour painting where water is an active, complex partner in the painting processs where colours run together, the problems in our lives are often complex and flow into each other. A dynamic approach is required.

Our dynamic approach to complementary therapy

Process of feedback and adjustment

Our connection with our problem can change as we actively decide to tackle and overcome it. It’s a process of finding the right therapy/s and constant feedback and adjustments.

Initial consultation

We’ll begin by focussing on one problem that occupies most of your thoughts. How have you handled this problem so far in your life? What past experiences you had with other therapies? Then we’ll discuss a suggested approach.

First session

The length and structure of the first session will depend upon the type of therapy we have decided to begin with. After the session we’ll review how you found the therapy and how you’re feeling towards the problem you decided to focus on.

Course adjustments

In between the sessions I will reflect on your responses to the previous therapy and determine whether we should continue with the current therapy or try another one.

Next session and repeat

We’ll repeat this process of therapy session followed by a post-session review and adjustment until you feel happy that you’ve either overcome your problem or have the necessary tools to handle your problem going forward.

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Therapies available



Alleviating unproductive and harmful deep rooted beliefs and fears by accessing the subconscious mind. Learn more…

emotional freedom technique

By tapping with the fingers on the body energy system, and working with the therapist, problems can be seen in a constructive manner with clarity. Learn more…


Calming the mind by turning your attention to a single point of reference in the present such as the breath or a repeated word/phrase.  

indian head massage

Release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders through massage and aromatherapy. Learn more…

mindfulness-based inner repatterning

A combination of neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique, and colour therapy to resolve deep issues. Learn more…

Founder and practitioner

Lindsay Inglis

For over 30 years I’ve been on a conscious path of self-discovery. I have learned through direction from others, from structured learning, and of course from failures and disappointments. But, I’m still here, better for all I have gone through. I want to share what I’ve learned.

I’m a qualified nurse (SEN), Yoga Teacher (British School of Yoga), Beauty therapist (ITEC), Aerobics Instructor (RCA, Exercise to Music), Reiki practitioner (Usui), Hypnotherapist inc. Past Life Regression (MCCH), life coach (CMCCH), Indian Head Massage practitioner (CMA) and Laughter Yoga Leader (LYU). I also have a decade of experience with Emotional Freedom Technique and Mindfulness-Based Inner RePatterning (AAMET).

With liberi therapies I’m helping others overcome problems in their lives. But it’s also an opportunity for my emotional and spiritual growth. I’m always exploring new and exciting ways to handle problems.

What my clients have said:

I've been for 2 Reiki and head massage sessions with Lindsay, found both very therapeutic & super relaxing. I would love to go weekly, our paths will cross again soon.


I have had three reiki and Indian head massage sessions with Lindsay and they have been so fantastic and relaxing. She is a lovely, welcoming person and genuinely works to make sure you get the most benefit from the sessions. I will definitely be having more sessions!


Really calming and well explained. I proper loved it and my head feels so clear.


What a remarkable woman Lindsay is. She makes you feel very relaxed and at ease. She also suggested doing some EFT whilst we were chatting. I left feeling very peaceful and much more positive. Thank you, Lindsay. Namaste


What a wonderful experience and a beautiful person Lindsay is. A great head massage and reiki relaxation by a very welcoming and smiley person. Thank you very much and see you soon x


I had a 1-hour Indian head massage and reiki session which was excellent. Lindsay is a lovely lady and the massage was great. It was the first time I have ever had a reiki session and I really enjoyed it and left feeling very relaxed. I would definitely recommend.


I have done both Reiki and Hypnotherapy with Lindsay at Liberi therapies, and highly recommend both. Lindsay is great, really easy to chat with and she has really taken the time to get to know me and to understand what it is I want out of my sessions.


I was one of the lucky few who attended Lindsay's Energy Healing Circle, and it was simply amazing. In the last week, I have attended 4 different Meetup classes this week, but was left unbelievably relaxed, focused and content at the end of Lindsay's session and it was by far the most relevant class to my needs. Lindsay has over 30 years experience in the healing field and is now running new sessions, both one to one and one to many. She is also extremely reasonably priced. I would recommend both Lindsay and the Shining Light Venue.


To be totally honest I had my doubts about EFT, however, Lindsay was calming and reassuring in her approach. Her confidence in EFT shone through and I was surprised by the benefits of the session which I saw almost instantly. Really looking forward to discovering more about EFT.

R. Rivers

Lindsay ensured that I was totally relaxed prior to the hypnotherapy session and I have no doubt this was achieved due to her calming nature. During the session, I found myself totally engrossed with how I was being taken on a journey and encouraged all the way. I left the session feeling that I had a clear vision about how to move forward.

T. Taylor

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