Mindfulness-based Inner Repatterning is a mind-body therapy which is not invasive and dealing with the problem to be addressed requires only an awareness. No analysis of the problem, nor discussion is necessary. This brilliant technique was developed by Tania A Prince EFT Founding Master and June K Spencer, using EFT but tapping on only one point, the Thymus Meridian point. A balance can then occur which enables to help shift beliefs, thoughts and emotional states.

It is now known that the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. Therefore learning to work with the heart rhythm coherence not only benefits the entire body, but also profoundly affects how we perceive, think, feel, and perform.

The mind-body can heal itself, given the right conditions, which could be just switching of the automatic survival instinct of flight/fight . This is controlled by the mind-body to help us be safe in times of danger. However, this mechanism cannot tell the difference between what is a real life situation or one that is perceived. This could be from a memory, event, something which is only imagined or even a TV show watched continuously or reading the newspaper. Hence, we are constantly looking for, and expecting danger! We are forever in the flight/fight state which gives rise to illness, aggression, fuzzy thinking and a multitude of other everyday issues that plague our life.

Using Inner Repatterning helps to accept, the problem and give a clarity to the situation.